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  Fans of Chihiro Iwasaki or of picture books in general who would like to support Chihiro Art Museum activities are invited to become Museum members. Although the membership fee had been temporarily reduced while the old Tokyo museum was under renovation, with its reopening, the membership fee and related benefits have been revised.
  Both the Tokyo and Azumino facilities are entirely barrier-free, making them easily accessible to all visitors, from babies to seniors. Family members are also welcome to join.
  Note: Museum memberships are only available to residents of Japan.

Membership Benefits
1. Free admission to the Chihiro Art Museum Tokyo and Azumino.

2. Subscription to the members newsletter, offering news articles and information on exhibitions and other museum activities.
*Only one newsletter will be sent to the designated representative of each household, regardless of the number of family members in the household.
3. Discounts on special events, such as lectures, concerts, or film screenings.
4. 10% discount at both Museum shops and cafés.
5. 10% discount on mail-order purchases.
* Mail-order purchases are only available to residents of Japan.

Membership Term One year from the month applied (e.g., Memberships issued between September 1 and 30 will be valid through the end of September of the following year.)
*Family members will all share the same Membership Term as the household's designated representative.
Yearly fee
For individual / designated representative (one person) of a household: JPY3,600 + tax (5%)
Membership renewal fee (applicable for one year following expiration of membership): JPY3,200 + tax (5%)
Family membership: JPY1,000 + tax (5%) per person
Example (Membership for two members from the same household):
Membership for designated representative (JPY3,600) + Membership for one family member (JPY1,000) = JPY4,600 + tax (5%)
Membership cards may only be used by the member whose name appears on the card. (A membership card will be issued to each family member.)

Request to members from the Museum
1. Please assist us with our PR activities. Let us know if you can help to distribute Museum advertising handbills--please specify which museum (Tokyo / Azumino) and the number of handbills (30 or more, in units of 10).
2. Please respond to our questionnaires regarding Museum activities if requested.
3. Donations are always welcome.

To apply
Fill in an application form and submit it at the registration counter of either the Tokyo or Azumino Museum, or submit the form by P.O. Savings Transfer. To receive an application form, please contact either museum by e-mail, postcard, fax or telephone. You will need to provide your name, address and telephone number. Bank money transfers and cash payments by registered mail will not be accepted.

For more information, please call or write:
Chihiro Art Museum Tokyo
4-7-2, Shimo-Shakujii, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 177-0042
tel. +81-3-3995-0612 / +81-3-3995-0772
fax. +81-3-3995-0680

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